martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

Camp 1

Sci-Fi / Thriller

Camp 1 is an indie Sci-Fi thriller Adventure Game and the first work from the swedish Waxwing Games who define themselves as a "small indie developer with a softspot for early 90s adventure games". As said before, Camp 1 is their debut work althought, judging the final quiality of their product, it is more than clear that they already had considerable experience in the topic, because the matter in question, is a solid piece or work with almost no weaknesses.

The history takes place in a small scientific station where four convicts do geological research for a major corporation. Korski, the lead character of the game is a pilot whose task is to transport the samples of geological material into orbit, where afterwards are taken to its final destination by a space cargo ship. The other dwellers of the research facility are Chen, a chineese woman whose role is the administrarion of the place, Adwa the geologist in charge of the drilling activities, and Parker, a technician who makes maintenance service to the station equipment.

Everything is ongoing quite between the normal parameters until the day that Korski, serverd his sentence, is about to make his last ride before his freedom. But this long-awaited moment became frustrated by an "apparent" accident who leaves Korsky stranded in the frozen plains far from the station and even further form the desired freedom. 

Here is when the calvary begins for Korski, who must find a way to come back to the camp in one piece traversing several miles of icy wastelands, and once safe again, unveil the misterious events arround the accident of his ship and the recent murder of a member of the team who was alive at the moment he left the station.   

Using the AGS (Adventure Game Studio) engine, Camp 1 has the visuals of the classics point & click adventures of the middle ´90s which is well crafted and imbued with a dark opressive style that alongside with an adecuated palette seleccion provide a ghastly depressive atmosphere that perfectly articulate with the thrilling plot of this interesting adventure. 

The sporadic digitalized sounds effects comes by just when they are needed, and the intentionally isolated music, piano and a guitar shady tunes, emerge from the background in the right moment, increasing the drama of an especific situation. 

The control interface is a simplified point & click system of two commands walk / interact (left button) and examine (right button) and the game general difficulty is slightly avobe average, but this aspect it is allways subjective and  depends mainly in the experience of the player. In Camp 1 we also find first person puzzles where we have to interact directly with machines and technical equipment ensambling parts or conecting hoses or power plugs.

In conclusion, Camp 1 is a sturdy independent piece of work who worth recognition and deserves to be rescued from the abyss of forgetfulness in wich this kind of works commonly fall, being incapable to reach the major game platforms like Steam or GOG.


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  1. Hola, gracias por estos valiosos aportes, me podrias ayudar para descargar?

  2. Hola, gracias por visitarnos en la seccion de descargas, en la parte de Independent encontraras este juego para descargar.